This blog is mostly about the creative side photography and film making though new technologies will be discussed as well.

I have a MFA from the Glasgow School of Art, a BFA from Brigham Young University and with Getty Images- Global Assignments. I’ve got two books in print The Mormons and Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange’s Three Mormon Towns. Three Mormon Towns was done in collaboration with the Oakland Museum of California and based on a show of my photographs done by the Utah Arts Council. The book is forwarded by Mary Ellen Mark and has an essay by United States Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. That’s sort of like the Prime Minister of the USA for you Europeans out there. Getting a call from a Senate Majority Leader is pretty crazy and working with someone who you’ve idolized since you started in photography is a dream come true.

Three Mormon Towns is going to be showing at the

St. George Museum of Art Janauary 31st through May 31st 2014.

My Cliff Jumpers series was shown at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art and been included in shows juried by Ann M. Shumard (Curator of Photographs) of the National Portrait Gallery, Margot Norton (Curatorial Associate) of The New Museum, Susan Cross (Curator) of the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Larry Fink, Dave Hickey (Critic)  for Artforum/Art in America, and Kathy Ryan (Director of Photography) at New York Times Magazine among others.  My “Ski Utah” series will be a part of the 12×12 exhibit at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art that opens June 1st, 2013.

I am also active in film having movies in the Slamdance, Cucaloris, BBC Films and directed the feature Sundance Skippy.  Sundance Skippy was broadcast on KJZZ 14 and show at the International Film Festival Manhattan among others.

I also enjoy writing and philosophy because it’s what connects all ideas and you don’t have to do preproduction. I wrote a weekly humor column for The Daily Herald for three years and wrote skits for my university comedy group Divine Comedy. I’ve presented papers “The Question of Duchamp?” and “Pain, Postmodernism and the Work of Art” at the IACR Conference.

It’s been my very good fortune to have four excellent siblings David Hedengren, Mary Hedengren, Anna Dunn, Emily Lyman who are wonderful dynamic people and my best friends.

The pictures you see to the right are essentially every photograph of me that exists because I’m always the one with the camera.


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