Reality TV shows that are good for entrepreneurs and artists

ABC’s Shark Tank-

Shark Tank is a lot like an art class. When I watch it I’m teleported to back to watching people present bodies of work in Art School. It’s a nice show. You get to go through a lot of people’s business see their strength their and weaknesses. The show also illustrates why it’s good to talk about your business. People will show give you advice and it may be good advice. I feel everyone who appears on the show wins. In a way killing a bad idea/business is as valuable as anything. It allows you to move on to more successful venture.

CNBC’s The Profit-

                The Profit shows the dirty hard side of running a business. Whenever I hear an entrepreneur give a speech on the Stanford or Brigham Young Entrepreneur lecture series it strikes me how much they are similar when directors present the Sundance Film Festival. They tell their story and on the surface it seems so easy. It’s really not but the; we had an idea/built a team/got funding/ went public story ark most companies reduce to makes it seem easy. On CNBC’s The Profit you get to see business with all of its warts: evil partners, lazy partners, bad accounting, embezzlement, no inventory tracking the list goes on. You also get to see lead in the show Marcus Lemonis try to solve these problems. It’s a good education.


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