On receiving the Utah Arts and Museums $10,000 Fellowship

On winning. So first of all I was awarded the Utah Arts Council Fellowship. Which in addition to being a huge honor is $10,000 to help with my work and since my work is what I like to do the most that’s basically better than a free trip to Disneyland. No really I would much rather work then go to Disneyland.

But on the other side I think it presents a problem. As soon as I got the phone call saying I had received the fellowship my immediate thought was, “Good this will strengthen my application to (blank) and (blank).” Now that is a wrong way to react. I should take some satisfaction in receiving an award. But the truth is I don’t really care about the winning I just like playing the game. I’ve always been this way. Even when I was in high school playing soccer we had one season were we won about half our games and then the next season we own it all. I can say I enjoyed each of those season equally.

I’m happy to receive the Utah Arts Council fellowship because it means I can do more work and more work with fewer limitations. It keeps me in the game.


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