Monthly Archives: February 2013

On receiving the Utah Arts and Museums $10,000 Fellowship

On winning. So first of all I was awarded the Utah Arts Council Fellowship. Which in addition to being a huge honor is $10,000 to help with my work and since my work is what I like to do the most that’s basically better than a free trip to Disneyland. No really I would much […]

Time and Space

Time and space   The most important things you can have on your wall are a clock, a calendar, a map of the USA (or whatever country you live in) and a map of the world. See if you have those three things then you will always know where you are in time and in […]

My top 10 films for use of cinematography

The Third Man Lawrence of Arabia Winters Light Blade Runner Raging Bull Raise the Red Lantern West Side Story Kill Bill Strike Saving Private Ryan

Sundance Film Fest Panel: Women in Film

This is an interesting panel discussion of women in film. I went to school with Ms. Hess. She is on the panel discussing her film Austenland which was produced, directed and written by three Women. Stephine Meyer, Shanon Hale, and Jerusha Hess. That almost never happens in film for some reason and I feel in […]

Top Ten Films in Sweden, Japan, France

Below are the top ten films listed by professors at BYU specializing in film from those particular countries. I found them a very interesting lists.  The films were put together to for a panel discusion I lead on different regional cinemas. Top Ten Japanese films in no particular order- Scott Miller 1. After Life 2. […]

Nirvana (the Band), the Foo Fighters and me

Ok this is a funny story and shows the power of YouTube. So I did this documentary on this guy who goes and meets celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival. This guy Skippy was up at Sundance doing his thing when he ran into David Grohl the drummer of Nirvana and the Lead singer and […]

Why is the art world so competitive and sometimes so difficult?

This is a question I sometimes come across. I feel the answer is because it’s so much fun and interesting to make movies and art. I love what I do. It’s super exciting and never boring. I wake up every morning excited about what I’m going to be doing for that day.                 It is […]