Monthly Archives: September 2012

What to Wear While Photographing and Filmmaking

My last three big shoots were in Iceland, Northern Nevada, and the Salt Flats. All of these have very different clements and very different environments. As a result I got to think what is the best things to wear while filming. This is a very important question because unlike medium such a writing or painting […]

Wet Proofs for Ansel Adams and Dorothea Lange’s Three Mormon Towns

I’ve got great news. I got the wet proofs from my next book three Mormon towns. For those of you who might not have spent there childhood working in a print shop a wet proof is the a test print that’s done right before the book goes to press. Meaning it’s almost done! This book […]

Documentary about Digital Cinematography- Kodak to Sell film business

There is a great new documentary about digital filmmaking. It’s got great interview with Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese and many other notable cinematographers and directors. The movie is also hosted by Ted Logan from Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure (Keanu Reeves). Below is the New York Times Review of the film and an link […]

My life in Windows and switching to Premiere Pro CS6

My life in Windows and switching to Premiere Pro CS6   First of all I want to say that if you are still using Final Cut Pro 7 you really are losing a lot of time to transcoding and to the program being much slower.  Also the fact FCP 7 had compatibility issues with the […]