There is a tremendous tragedy with the loss of Robin Williams. He was an astonishingly creative man. Now clearly there are a lot of biological factors and others, but I’ve seen a lot of tragedy in my short time in the arts and I do feel it’s extra important to try to take care of […]

Fixed costs and variable costs I’m dedicating an email to fixed costs and variable costs because it’s very important in the arts. The goal with film as with all arts is to keep you fixed costs low so you can keep working and then scale up quickly when you get that TV show, movie, commercial […]

ABC’s Shark Tank- Shark Tank is a lot like an art class. When I watch it I’m teleported to back to watching people present bodies of work in Art School. It’s a nice show. You get to go through a lot of people’s business see their strength their and weaknesses. The show also illustrates […]

In the art world, I understand business is a bad word. I don’t believe this is without cause. There is more to life than making money. If I wanted to make money, I would have become a dentist. But since I believe there is more to life than money, I’m in the arts.                 At […]

Some of my favorite books on business Business is not as complicated as one would first think. At the same time there is a vocabulary and a process to breaking down problems that is valuable and important to learn. Below are some books that I feel are good to teach yourself the basics of business. […]

  Everything is accomplished with ideas, communicating those ideas and team building. I work in a number of different fields; art, journalism, film, writing, food, and technology to name a few. The thing that surprises me is how similar it is to work in all of those fields. I think it’s because everything reduces down […]

 so it’s personally interesting for me.Wed. January 15, 7:30pm, Pardoe Theatre Special screening of Sundance award-winning documentary Queen of Versailles, followed by Q&A with Lauren. This event will be open to the public and the university will be publicizing it all over. Please invite your students, alumni, and anyone else in the photography and educational […]